Did You Think You Could Forget About Data Hacker?  Here's How Not to be a Victim Anyway

NEW YORK (MainStreet) — High-profile data breaches are once again in the news, with CareFirst, a Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance service, and the Internal Revenue Service, which saw 100,000 consumer tax returns compromised, experiencing security breaches in the past 30 days. (Additional reports that Starbucks customers had credit cards compromised were overblown.)

Consumer advocates are once again reminding consumers the bad guys aren't going away.

Other credit experts agree, and warn consumers against taking the issue lightly. "By the time a data breach is announced, 75% of a credit score could immediately be negatively impacted," says Michael McQuinn, co-founder of Criterion 360, a New York City digital risk management service. "The credit monitoring solutions aren't enough, as the damage is already done. The toothpaste is out of the tube."

Article featuring quotes by Michael McQuinn, co-founder and CTO of Criterion 360.