Improve governance and controls with Criterion 360’s foundational tool for automating and standardizing your policies. Policy Manager aligns policies and procedures with day-to-day activities through a robust set of features to manage policy content, rules and compliance across the entire enterprise.  

Access Your Operational Information and Data

Policy Manager de-silos valuable operational information and data, reduces liability and risk and protects against reputation harm while reducing the cost/effort of manual policy management as well as the cost/burden of Audit.

  • Ensures compliance by providing automated notifications of target audience of policy
  • Captures policy-related data for analytics
  • Bridges to communication channel of user’s choice reduce compliance friction
  • Structured communications tool enables multi-channel approvals

The Digital Approvals Engine enforces enterprise-wide compliance with policies and procedures by automating approvals related to control activities. It aligns policies and procedures with day-to-day activities and de-silos valuable operational information and data to drive critical analytics.

Enhanced Operations and Management

Implementing the Digital Approval Engine modernizes legacy approval processes and connects governance efforts with day-to-day approvals. By standardizing and streamlining business processes, our Digital Approval Engine improves efficiency enterprise-wide and provides game-changing analytics for enhanced operations and management. 

  • Sends notification of policy/procedure exceptions
  • Structured communications tool enables multi-channel approvals
  • Measures accumulating risk (macro & micro)
  • Centralized, cross-functional Approval Dashboard
  • Bridges to communication channel of user’s choice reduce compliance friction
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Most senior executives are painfully aware that they lack adequate real-time monitoring of their business’ increasingly complex processes and operations. All of these operational processes can be opaque at the management level, and senior executives often lack the contextualized information they need to support effective decision-making.

C-Suite™ addresses these challenges by providing a single, centralized dashboard for senior executives that delivers real-time, contextualized operational insights.


Better Decisions – Faster

Leveraging the organizational harmonization delivered by Criterion ONE™, C-Suite™ informs critical decisions by aggregating data, insights and approvals from across your entire organization. Analytics extracted from normalized, cross-functional organizational data provide KPIs and predictive analytics for business and risk projections, promoting higher-quality, more timely decision-making.


Maximize Operational Efficiency

Consolidate approvals, cross-functional performance data and operational oversight on a single system to free up scarce senior executive time to focus on critical, high-value tasks.

C-Suite™ KPIs and analytics facilitate increased profits by maximizing operational efficiency and agility, reducing legal expenses and waste.


Less Risk, More Opportunity

Rationalized processes and greater visibility into obligations lowers liability and risk, reducing the potential for executive embarrassment. Connecting senior executives with processes and obligations creates opportunities for process improvements to increase efficiency and improve the bottom line.

  • Centralized approvals and insights
  • Normalized, cross-functional data
  • Rationalized data that drives predictive analytics
  • Contextualized data for improved decision-making