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C360 Connect

Supercharge Your People: Enhancing Collaboration & Decision Making

Experience a platform that provides structured access to organizational knowledge, driving decision-making and streamlined collaboration at scale.

A Unified Ecosystem for Clarity & Cohesion

With C360 Connect, navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of enterprise needs with unmatched agility. Tackle the challenges of fragmented tools and siloed information, and ensure your organization is always a step ahead. Experience a harmonized environment, fostering informed decisions and ensuring everyone moves in unison towards shared goals.

Foster Informed Decisions

Connect unifies and contextualizes knowledge for the user to enhance operational visibility, streamline tasks, and foster alignment without juggling multiple platforms.

Intelligent Relationship Profile

Automatically display multiple sources of information into one view so that you can have a unified view of your commercial relationships, clients and any other business data that is available in your organization; Every profile is tailored for the perspective of the viewer, making knowledge more relevant than ever.

Federated Search

AI-Powered distributed search that helps you find knowledge across organizational tools and data silos.

Approvals for Executives

We converge all of your action required right in your Connect, providing immediate access, awareness, and quickness in the approvals process.

Connect Anytime, Anywhere with our Mobile App

The Connect mobile app ensures you're always connected and informed. Access crucial policies and procedures, approve tasks in real-time, and receive personalized notifications tailored to you.


A hub empowering your employees with contextual and relevant resources, tailored for your organization structure. Ensuring everyone has access to the right information at the right time.

Centralized Compliance

Single source of truth for your policies, training and best practices content across multi-organizations. We streamline compliance by codifying company policies to drive automation workflows.

Communication & Collaboration Bridge

Structured communication between teams, employees, and external stakeholders with a secure and encryption communication tool.

Highlighting the Intelligent Knowledge Center

Empower your employees to navigate realms of contextual and relevant internal company knowledge, tailored exclusively for your organization's structure and federated knowledge base.

Aligned with Organizational Needs

In a dynamic business environment, adaptability is key. Connect not only offers robust features but ensures they align seamlessly with the unique challenges and aspirations of your organization.

Why choose Connect?

At the intersection of user-driven demands and enterprise-wide objectives, Connect stands out. The platform doesn't just offer tools; it empowers each individual, respects organizational nuances, and drives holistic alignment.


Whether you're looking at granular tasks or overarching strategies, Connect is the bridge that ensures coherence, efficiency, and innovation.

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