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At Criterion 360

We're Redefining How Businesses Thrive in the Age of AI

Our mission

At Criterion 360, we envision a world where AI and humans work in harmony to drive innovation and operational excellence. Our mission is to bridge the gap between the immense potential of AI and businesses' readiness to harness it, by providing the context, accuracy, and collaboration essential to unlock AI's transformative power.

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Pioneering Distributed Collaborative Intelligence for the AI-Era

At Criterion 360, we've always believed in pushing boundaries. That's why we crafted Pong, the world's first distributed collaborative intelligence platform. Pong is our answer to the modern challenges businesses face—safeguarding information advantage and privacy while championing borderless, contextual data sharing. Whether it's within the walls of an organization or extending to external partners, Pong is designed to redefine how we think about collaboration in the digital age.

Our AI-Driven Vision for Tomorrow's Enterprise

Meet our leadership team

Craig Bueker | CEO & Founder

Craig Bueker is the visionary behind Criterion 360. Founded in 2008, Bueker's goal was to bridge the gap between digital risk mitigation needs and the capabilities of internal IT departments. With two decades of experience, his expertise in managing digital risk is unparalleled, making him a trusted advisor for executives of the world's largest organizations. Under his guidance, Criterion 360 focuses on real-time digital risk management strategies, ensuring optimal performance and minimizing digital crises.

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Join our Journey

The digital landscape is evolving, and so are we. As we tread into the future, our dedication to innovation, collaboration, and excellence remains unwavering. If our vision resonates with you, we invite you to be a part of this exciting journey.

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